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The illness diagnosis


Warning signs


Vocal chord or throat tumours may manifest themselves in different manners. However, some symptoms are more common and should be a warning.

A change in the voice that persists, outside a laryngitis episode, is for example rather suspect. The voice may become hoarse, hushed or change its tone.

A sore throat that lasts several weeks could also suggest cancer. This pain could be present all day long or only at certain times. For example, it may be triggered when food is swallowed.

Sensations of food blockage should also draw attention. There could be an impression that solid and dry food are more difficult to swallow than liquids. Often, the sensation of blockage is located in the neck.

A sensation of choking or difficulties breathing should lead to consult rapidly. This sensation is generally present permanently, and progressively worsens over time..

Pain in the ear can also exist in case of a tumour in the throat or larynx.

Finally, a constant tiredness, weight loss and a loss of appetite are often present.

These symptoms could be due to a disease other than cancer. The presence of one or several of these signs should lead you to consult an ENT (ear-nose-throat) doctor as soon as possible.