LARYNGECTOMY.NET aims to explain the Therapeutic Education Program for Laryngectomees and Caregivers Quality of life, called PETAL

Patient – Why participate in PETAL?

As you are already experiencing, or you may risk to experience, total laryngectomy will modify your life, under different aspects: breathing, eating and speaking are the most important. However, other life habits will be modified: the way you wash, smell, intimacy, etc. Finally, the presence of the tracheostoma in the neck will have an impact on your self-image, and on the way others look at you.


Finally, your parents taught you how to eat, speak, take care of yourself and of your body. You also learned to believe in yourself. This process took several years

In order to acquire the skills and know-how required for life with these definitive changes, you need a global educational programme. You need a custom-tailored educational programme that corresponds to your expectations.

PETAL is there to satisfy this need, to provide you with the knowledge, know-how and resources, that allow you to live as best as possible without a larynx on a medical, social and psychological level. This programme is the result of the work of a group of more than 20 professionals involved daily in the treatment of laryngectomised patients, a work that has spanned several years.



Your quality of life will be much better through the participation in PETAL.