LARYNGECTOMY.NET aims to explain the Therapeutic Education Program for Laryngectomees and Caregivers Quality of life, called PETAL

Therapeutic workshops


Step 2: Diagnosis and education contract



The 2nd step takes place during the hospitalisation for the total laryngectomy. It consists in the assessment of the specific and particular education needs of the patient, in order to establish a suitable and personalised educational programme.


The assessment of the needs is performed using a data collection: type of surgery performed, health condition of the patient, professional situation, understanding of the disease, psychological and emotional condition of the patient, and final the patients’ projects. This collection is carried out by a nurse or another participant, trained in therapeutic education. The questions asked follow a specific interview grid.

Once the interview has been conducted and analysed, the personalised educational project is established by an educator. The workshops the patient will require are defined. The educator determines which workshops the patient needs:



During hospitalisation:

Proposal of suitable therapeutic education programme with different workshops.

  • Emergency procedures
  • Tracheostomy care
  • NGT or Gastrostomy feeding
  • Oral feeding
  • Resources
  • Communication
    • I no longer have a larynx
    • I speak differently

After hospitalisation:

Proposal of aftermath workshops:

  • Return to a social life
  • Role of the caregiver
  • Diet
  • Repeat oral feeding workshop on demand
  • Communication: I speak with others
  • Return to a professional life
  • Resources workshop
  • Image workshop



These workshops are discussed with the patient, who agrees to follow them, this is the educational contract.