LARYNGECTOMY.NET aims to explain the Therapeutic Education Program for Laryngectomees and Caregivers Quality of life, called PETAL

Therapeutic workshops


Step 1: Diagnosis announcement procedure and collection of consent



The first step for the participation in the PETAL programme takes place during the diagnosis announcement medical consultation.

The personalised treatment plan is given to the patient, explaining the disease and what the therapeutic project is in detail. It is at that moment that the total laryngectomy is explained to the patient, with its anatomical, functional, social and psychological consequences.

Once these elements have been understood by the patient, the interest of the therapeutic education and of the PETAL programme is explained to the patient: the conduct of the therapeutic workshops during and after hospitalisation, the professionals involved and the improvement of quality of life purpose.

Once this has been explained, and the questions of the patients answered, the documents concerning the PETAL programme are given to the patient. He/she must bring them signed for the hospitalisation